Timmins Dentist is the New President of the Ontario Dental Association


Dr. LouAnn Visconti’s plans include defining the future of dentistry for ODA members and patients

June 1, 2017


TORONTO, ON — Becoming president during the Ontario Dental Association’s 150th anniversary is an honour for Dr. LouAnn Visconti as she is eager to continue the trailblazing efforts of ODA founder, Dr. Barnabas Day. Advancing the dental profession for its members and the patients they serve is her goal.

That includes securing a long-term investment in government-funded dental programs and improving access to care for all Ontarians, especially seniors, children and youth. To make this happen, Dr. Visconti says, “The ODA must take an enhanced leadership role to advocate on behalf of Ontarians who rely on publicly funded dental programs.”

“Ontario has the lowest per capita funding of public dental programs in Canada and the worst reimbursement rates. Ontarians deserve better” adds Dr. Visconti. “The provincial government must accept their responsibility and invest appropriately to ensure everyone gets the dental care they need.”

It was great dental care that got Dr. Visconti into the profession. It started when she was a teenager dealing with, of all things, a cavity! She was so inspired by the dentist’s communication with her and her parents throughout treatment that she researched the education required to become a dentist and hit the books for the next several years. Upon graduation in 1992, Dr. Visconti moved to Timmins, where she continues to practice as an orthodontist. Over the years, many things have changed within the profession, but Dr. Visconti says, “One thing that was true then and is still true today is that good communication with our patients is key to developing a trusting relationship.” 

For the past 20 years, Dr. Visconti has been involved with the ODA serving on several committees and task forces and has been on the ODA Board of Directors since 2012. In her private time, Dr. Visconti serves on many fundraising committees for the Timmins community. She also takes part in numerous sporting and cultural events, including playing the violin for the Timmins Symphony Orchestra. Dr. Visconti also earned the nickname, “The Singing Doc” for never missing the opportunity to break out into a song!

About the Ontario Dental Association

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